Learn Some New Fishing Tricks

Crappie fishing is all about understanding what is required to get a big haul each and every time out on the water. There are a range of different methods and techniques that have to be applied in order to get the right kind of results. Let’s take a look at a number of proven crappie fishing techniques one can employ when trying to see results.


One of the most important aspects to get right is the type of bait that you use. Bait can be the difference between getting a big haul and one that is mediocre.

If lots of people are fishing in the same area, the fish will start to get used to these baits. This is why it is important to experiment with different bait on a continuous basis in order to see positive results. The fish will understand the baits are traps and avoid them over a longer period. This is where tossing in new baits in order to encourage them can get the job done.

This is where a little bit of experimenting can go a long way. The size of the bait is involved in the technique too. If one starts using a larger bait, it becomes easier to start catching larger crappie. Yet, it also becomes harder to catch smaller crappie.

Underwater Spots

Techniques are also dependent on the type of location one is going to. The “perfect” spots have to be found in order to see results. This means one should be looking to maximize their chances by sitting in the right spot.

What is the right spot one may ask? The right spot is where there is minimal cover and it is isolated. This is usually a wonderful spot to get the fish to bite and catch a big haul. This is because most anglers will look to go to the general spots that one would target. It is these isolated spots that can lead to great results in the short and long-term.

The best part about finding these spots is because one will be thinking like the crappie. Since, the crappie will start to notice what is going on with the anglers in other spots, they start to swim away into “safer” spots. If one is looking for results when trying to catch these fish, it is important to target their “safe” spots.

Colored Jigs

For some areas, the water can be a bit foggy and this can result in catching less crappie. This is where colored jigs can help in finding and attracting the fish.

By using a multi-colored approach, the crappie will be able to spot the jig and come towards it. This is an essential technique for those who are not seeing results with their current method.

Some even prefer the idea of adding sound to their jig. How can this be done with great effect? The idea is to take a spinner blade and adding it to the jig. This will add a little noise to attract the crappie.